Quant Infinity issues private bonds

Quant Infinity issues private bonds

  • Eurivex Admin
  • February 22, 2022
  • 17 : 34

Ireland – Quant Infinity Finance Limited (“Quant”), a private company incorporated in Ireland has issued its private corporate bonds with ISIN IE000HXVNBF1 with clearing and settlement established in Euroclear Ireland. Eurivex is the Issuance Agent and main custodian for the bonds.

Quant Infinity Finance Limited, was incorporated in Ireland on 22 April 2021, with registration number 693529 as a private company, limited by shares. The Issuer was established to raise capital by the issue of debt securities and to use an amount equal to the proceeds of each such issuance to advance a loan to the Parent company. Quant Infinity Solutions AG, a company incorporated in Switzerland, is the parent company.

The Board of Directors of Quant authorized the issue of up to 50,000 Corporate bonds (“Notes”) of face value 1,000 EUR each and the current issue of 10,000 Corporate bonds (“Notes”) of face value 1,000 EUR each, for a total size of issue EUR 10,000,000.

The QUANT/6.25 BD 20270430 SER-S1 EUR (the “Bonds”) were issued on 1 February 2022 and mature on 30 April 2027 with ISIN IE000HXVNBF1. The bonds pay an annual coupon of 6.25%, payable semi-annually on 30th April and 31 October every year. Noteholders have the right to ask for partial or full redemption of the Notes only on 31 October 2024 at 97% or a 3% discount to par.

Infinity Solutions AG (the “Parent”) a Swiss Fintech company, is a company which is developing and managing 24 hours software for automatic trading strategies (systematic trading method) used as B2B solutions by various asset management companies, qualified and institutional investors (such as hedge funds) under different jurisdictions.

Quant Infinity Solutions AG (“QIS”) provides smart investors with tailor-made solutions that combine tech with a human touch. This is a hybrid investment approach that offers the best of both worlds – solutions powered by sophisticated quantitative techniques, and the minds of an extraordinary team of humans whose number one priority is boosting client returns.

The quantitative trading model has been providing uncorrelated, superior returns for more than 10 years.

The ART Strategy is a short term, managed futures, algorithmic investment approach. Over 9,000 algorithms were created to identify short term trends in futures prices and then automatically submit orders to trade those trends. The technology is applied to 80 different liquid futures contracts, across all asset classes, on 16 different exchanges worldwide.

The ART strategy takes a faculty approach to investing. Rather than one theory or one discipline, the ART strategy combines many theories, creating the broadest possible model for the price movements of the underlying futures contract. This approach was developed over 10 years of live trading experience and generates alpha in most market environments.

QIS research team is made up of PhD-level quantitative analysts who have, between them, written thousands of individual algorithms. These algos generate trading signals for liquid futures contracts across all asset classes and are synchronised together using a proprietary, artificial intelligence central control system.

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