Olekit lists RUB 60.22 bln bonds on CSE
October 12, 2016 3:21 pm

The Cyprus Stock Exchange announced the listing of 6,022 Bonds of Olekit Investments Ltd, of a nominal value of RUB10.000.000 (€138,121.55), at the listing price of €138,121.55, on the Bonds Market of the CSE Emerging Companies Market.

Eurivex Ltd., the Cyprus Investment Firm, regulated by CySEC is the Nominated Advisor for the Issuer and is also acting as the CSE Custodian holding custody of the bonds.

The total value of the 6.022 listed bonds is RUB 60.22 bln or €831.67 mln. The ISIN is CY0146701319. The Bonds will mature on 2 June 2026 and bear an interest rate of 13% (variable) to be paid on 2 June and 2 December every year.

Olekit Investments Ltd was established as a private company in Cyprus under registration No. HE351533 on 22 January 2016. Its strategy consists in operating as a special purpose vehicle. The main objects of the Issuer Olekit Investments Ltd will be, inter alia, to lend funds and grant credit.

The trading of the above securities commenced on Tuesday, 11 October 2016. The Cyprus Stock Exchange will undertake to keep the registry of the above company at the CSE Central Depository / Registry.


  • 18 Kyriacou Matsi Ave.

  • Victory Tower, 1 st floor

  • Nicosia 1082, Cyprus

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