In the Eurivex Agora platform we have simplified the investment process. Investors do not need to browse for deals manually and waste time and resources. All funds are invested via Eurivex Agora Auto-bid function, which is an algorithm developed by Eurivex allowing investors to invest in any one of the strategies available for investment, or a combination, depending on your risk profile and desired diversification.

Advantages of Auto-bid

  • Investor money is invested immediately once a deal from the chosen strategy becomes available, resulting in better utilization of money;
  • Diversification between different strategies and individual deals is achieved;
  • Transparency is maintained, as deal confirmation with full details is immediately dispatched to clients by email and is also made available on the client’s dashboard;
  • Fees are lower than comparable alternative investment offers;
  • Reinvestment of Capital and interest is done automatically.

The strategies

There are two strategies available for investors to choose. The strategies are:

  • Conservative – invests only in Notes whose underlying trade finance facilities are 100% credit insured against default risk;
  • Balanced – invests only in Notes whose underlying trade finance facilities are not insured, but ETFL has right of recourse on Suppliers.
  • Growth – Coming Soon. This strategy will invest in unsecured facilities.

You may decide either one strategy or a combination of strategies depending on your risk profile.

  • Different returns

    The return in the Conservative strategy and Balanced strategy is stable and does not fluctuate. As explained earlier, since the deals in the Conservative strategy are credit insured with Euler Hermes, the risk is very low and hence the return is lower, and the same return applies to all the deals in the Conservative strategy.

    The return on Balanced strategy investments, which are essentially trade finance deals that invest in invoices that are not credit insured but with full recourse right on the Supplier are considered as higher risk than the credit insured deals in the Conservative strategy and for this reason will earn a higher return when compared to the Conservative strategy deals.

    In the Growth strategy, the return will be different, and more fluctuations should be anticipated since this strategy invests in unsecured facilities.

  • Conservative Strategy

    In the Conservative Strategy all the Notes representing trade facilities are credit insured against risk of default with Euler Hermes.

    Once a supplier is credit insured, the risk passes from the Cyprus debtor to Euler Hermes, which has AA- rating from Standard & Poor’s, which is even higher than the rating of the Republic of Cyprus. As previously mentioned, the higher the security, the lower the return.

  • Balanced Strategy

    In the Balanced Strategy, all the Notes representing trade facilities are not credit insured and the facility is provided based on the strict evaluation and due diligence that Suppliers must pass.

    As part of the evaluation, ETFL will provide trade finance to Suppliers who have very strong financials, have a wide and diversified portfolio of clients and where ETFL feels comfortable that can absorb any possible debtor defaults.

    To invest in the financial instruments of an AA- rated company, the yield is 0.3% annually. The reason why an investor receives 1.5% annual return on the Eurivex Conservative strategy notes that are credit insured is to cover the higher risk of making the investment via Notes issued by ETFL, which not rated.

  • Process of investing

    Once you decide on the strategy, the Eurivex algorithm will put investors in queue on a first come, first serve basis, irrespective of intended amount for investment.

    When a Note is created and available in the strategy chosen, then the algorithm will allocate the funds until the deal is funded.

    Your money may be invested in multiple deals of the same or both strategies with different maturities but always in the strategy that you have chosen.

    If there are no deals available, you will stay in queue until the first deal in the strategy you have chosen becomes available.

    You will start earning a return ONLY after the auto-bid makes an investment in the strategy you have chosen.

    You will receive an email as soon as your funds have been invested. The same notification will also be available on your dashboard.

  • Equal treatment

    The monies are invested on a first-come-first-serve on order priority basis according to the strategy chosen. This means that if you are the first in queue in the Conservative strategy, the algorithm will first satisfy your account fully and then move to the next investor until the trade finance deal is completed. Any balance left unutilized will become the first in queue to be invested in the next deal in the Conservative strategy.

    You also have the choice of Auto-bid Reinvest, whereby on maturity of the deal, your capital and accrued income will be reinvested in the chosen strategy or strategies automatically.

  • Auto-bid Reinvest
    • Investors can choose to reinvest the proceeds of their investment from a pre-set strategy that matches their risk profile.
    • Investors can choose to reinvest the proceeds of their investment from a pre-set strategy that matches their risk profile.
    • The Auto-bid Reinvest puts your money at work immediately upon maturity of the previous deal(s), reducing the risk that your money will sit idle in your account.
  • Cancelling the Auto-bid or Auto-bit Reinvest

    You may cancel the Auto-bid function any time you wish during the duration of your current deal. However, the cancellation of the Auto Bid will take effect upon maturity of the current deal. Thus, the next deal in queue will not be re invested automatically until you decide to re-select this option. There is no cancellation fee when you cancel or de-select Auto-bid Reinvest.

  • 2-hour cooling off period

    When you press the order to buy and invest in a particular strategy, the system will block your order for 2 hours during which time you have the option to cancel the order and not pay any cancelation fee.

    Once the 2-hour period is over, your order is routed into our automated investing system and thereafter if you cancel the order, you will pay the cancelation fee.

Disclaimer & Regulatory information
Eurivex Ltd is a Cyprus Investment Firm, authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), License number 114/10. Company Reg. HE 255430. Headquartered and based in Cyprus, member of EU.

Risk warning: Investing in financial instruments and other derivatives involves a high degree of risk and may not be suitable to all investors. Trading in such financial instruments can result in both an increase and decrease in capital. If you invest through Eurivex Ltd, the value of investments may go down and your capital will be at risk. Eurivex Ltd operates a secondary market but there is no guarantee that all buy/sell orders will be completed at the desired prices and there is a risk that an order may not be completed in the Eurivex secondary market if there is no matching order. There is no guarantee that you will be able to exit early by selling your investment. Eurivex Ltd does not provide investment, tax or legal advice. If you are unsure about the suitability of an investment, you should speak to a financial adviser. Please refer to our Risk Warning available on our web site for further information.