Bond listings on Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange

The Cyprus Stock Exchange, a eurozone member exchange allows private or public companies domiciled in any jurisdiction to issue bonds and list them on the Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (ECM).

The ECM is a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) as defined by the EU’s Markets for Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) operated by an EU regulated stock exchange which the Cyprus Stock Exchange is.

The minimum amount of the bonds that can be listed on any eurozone stock exchange, including Cyprus is EUR 200.000 per listing.

The Bond Registry is maintained by the CSE in electronic format or the registry is maintained in UK’s CREST.

A Trustee will need to be appointed with a Trust agreement in place in order to protect the rights of bond holders.

The listing process takes 2-4 months to complete.

Companies interested to list their bonds on the ECM need to maintain a CSE approved Nominated Advisor (Nomad) to handle the listing procedures.

Eurivex is an approved and experienced Nomad. You may view the link from the Cyprus Stock Exchange at 

Reporting requirements

All companies that have listed securities on the ECM are required to comply with a number of ongoing obligations. The Nomad will guide the company on its ongoing compliance with the ECM Rules. The key considerations to bear in mind are:

  • Issuer submits its Audited accounts within 4 months after financial year-end
  • Issuer needs to submit its first half management accounts 4 months after end of first half
  • Corporate action including notification for holding AGM/EGM, the results of the AGM/EGM, bonus share issues, mergers and acquisitions, changes in Directors, major announcements that may have a major impact on the bond price will need to be notified to the CSE
  • Company needs to pay its dues and obligations to CSE, its Nomad and other Cyprus professionals on time and without delay.

In the event of delisting, the CSE applies an additional fee of €10,000.

Disclaimer & Regulatory information
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